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Angels of Light (Level 1) Training

November 20, 2022 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Welcome to exciting world of Angels! Angels are beautiful brings of Light that have the ability to help us, support us, uplift us and guide us towards making decision that bring us joy and happiness. In this 3 day program, we go on an exciting journey to discover who the angels are and how we can connect with them to receive wisdom, healing and inspiration to walk our divine path on earth with confidence and ease.
The purpose of this program is to help you discover your innate potential to heal and awaken to your divine nature with the help and support of the Archangels in a fun, creative and engaging manner. The Angel of Light (Level 1) Program is designed to introduce you to the wisdom of the Angelic realm, attune you to angelic frequency & open your intuition to receive angelic wisdom.


Exercises include:

*Connecting with you Guardian Angel & discovering their name Discovering the Angelic Realms

*Learning about the Phases of Evolution

*Witnessing a healing with your Higher Self

*Discover the 12 Chakras

*Receiving a 5th dimension Attunement with Ascended Master Melchizedek

*Learning how to channel & receives messages from the Angels Discover Your Angel *Wings Working with the Archangels and their Feminine Aspect

*Exploring how to connect with Angels in your dreams Exploring the Archangel Gem Rays

*Discovering how to create Crystal Elixirs with the angels Learning how to conduct powerful Angel Card readings Creating your Angel Box Discovering and healing with the *Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

*Fun Exercises to Clearing your Space with the Angels Writing to your Angel Manifesting with the Angels

*Lifestyle Choices to work with the 5th Dimensional Frequency on Earth

Enjoy this 3 day soulful self-healing journey with a series of fun & enlightening games, activities (painting, decorating, singing), group meditations with the Archangels and rejoicing (yes we dance in this class too!) and awaken the inner child within to enjoy existing, breathing and celebrating life on planet Earth.


November 20, 2022
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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