About Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is the process of revealing and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. Anyone researching their heritage will uncover both positive and negative issues that pass through the bloodlines from one generation to the next.
Ancestral healing helps us to transform inherited difficulties and vulnerabilities. It is an effective way to heal generational trauma and dysfunction. It is a catalyst for cultural repair and a healthier, fuller, and more vibrant life experience.

When we are well with our ancestors, we’re resourced and harder to manipulate. There is a healthy pride and protection against the unhealthy aspects of culture. We can seek guidance for our lives and get support so we can experience good fortune and claim the gifts, blessings, and vitality of our lineages. We can find our life path and purpose and live it more fully.

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    Ancestral Healing

    1:1 Session

    Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions are one-to-one consultations where you will be guided to connect with already well ancestors who will heal your lineages so that you can address any burdens and better receive the blessings and embody the gifts of your lineages. It’s a great resource when you heal your lineages and can help you feel more rooted in who you are and in your life.

    It can also filter down to your children and they will benefit from the healing work you do.

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