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Family Constellations is a life-changing solution-oriented healing approach that clears unconscious blocks so that we can experience relationship success, career growth, financial abundance, and positive health and well-being.

Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, a lot of the challenges we face in our lives, our inherent characteristics, and our outlook on life are significantly shaped by the influence of our parents.


Family Constellation Training in Dubai


Since they too have been affected by their parents, unresolved traumas can be passed forward from one generation to the next, decade after decade, with the result that we have adopted an emotional map that doesn’t serve us any longer. 

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    Family Constellation Facilitators Training

    In this training you will be trained to use this systemic approach as a complete solution-oriented method, to get to a phase where clients experience the deep kind of insights that generate the necessary energy for the change they are searching for


    1.       Introduction of Family Constellation

    2.       History and Origin of Constellation

    3.       Belonging and Loyalty to System

    4.       Different levels of Conscience

    5.       Dysfunctional Family Systems and types of children

    6.       Family Constellation and Neuroplasticity / DNA

    7.       Epigenetics and the knowing field

    8.       Who forms a System (family of origin and Current family)?

    9.       3 Orders of love and consequences of violating them

    ·         Right to belong with examples and demo

    ·         Hierarchy with examples and demo

    ·         Balance of giving and receiving with examples and demo

    10.    Healing Statements and their significance

    11.    Various Topics discussed that included

    12.    Triangulation

    13.    Parentification

    14.    Adoption

    15.    Interrupted Outreach Movement

    16.    Replication of patterns

    17.    Types of Emotions

    18.    Systemic Reasons that affect Couple Relationships

    19.    Important steps to begin the process (history taking and choosing elements)

    20.    Different methods of doing Constellation (in mind, with puppets, with papers, with footsteps demonstrated)

    21.    Various positions revealed in Entanglements during constellations (PPT shown)

    22.    Important points to remember while doing the process

    23.    The role of a Facilitator

    24.    Personal Constellations done during training

    25.    Oral Assessment conducted and points repeated

    26.    Swap / Practice to understand how to conduct a 1-1 session

    and many other important topics 


    Family Constellation is a therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger that uncovers hidden dynamics and unresolved issues within family systems. It helps individuals gain insight into their family relationships and patterns, leading to healing and resolution. This approach is used to address a variety of personal and relational issues by understanding how familial entanglements influence current behaviors and experiences. 

    Family Constellation Facilitator training is beneficial for therapists, counselors, coaches, social workers, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in facilitating deep, transformative work. It is also valuable for individuals seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of family dynamics. 

    Family Constellation focuses on systemic and relational dynamics rather than individual psychology. It reveals how ancestral patterns and unresolved family issues impact present life circumstances. The method often involves group work where participants represent family members or elements of the issue being explored, providing a unique and powerful experiential approach to healing.

    In our training, you will learn the foundational principles and techniques of Family Constellation work. The program includes theoretical instruction, demonstrations, and extensive hands-on practice. You will gain skills in facilitating constellations, understanding systemic dynamics, and applying this method to various issues.

    Our Family Constellation Facilitator training program consists of 5 Modules taught over 5 weekends. Specific details about the duration and schedule can be found on our events schedule.

    The training sessions include a blend of lectures, live demonstrations, and interactive group work. Participants will have opportunities to both facilitate and participate in constellations, receiving feedback and guidance.

    Currently, our Family Constellation Facilitator training is conducted in person to ensure an immersive and interactive learning experience.

    Yes, upon successful completion of the training program, you will receive a certificate of completion. After competition of all 5 Modules, The final certification allows you to practice as a Family Constellation Facilitator.

    Family Constellation Therapy

    Benefits of learning Family Constellation from Hub of Consciousness: 

    Understanding your own present-day issues and understand your situation with the help of Systemic lens

    Gain a broader perspective on life relationships money diseases etc and learn one of the most exceptional healing method that caters to Trans-Generational traumas in families.

    Mentoring provided for a month – additional mentoring for 6 months provided upon request.

    International Certification.

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    All our Holistic Trainings are accredited by IPHM, UK. Students will take away certification with the IPHM Accreditation. 

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