InnerSpeak Past Life Clearing Training

Innerspeak is a fascinating system to unlock any and all kinds of obstacles you may have in your life. InnerSpeak was given by Archangel Michael to humanity in order to help our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment. It was developed by Jean Adrienne and is currently being practiced all around the world.


InnerSpeak is a tool to assist you in clearing away the baggage and old programming that holds you back from having everything you desire. Some of the issues we deal with are related to karmic debts and past life issues. Some old programs come from our ancestors, and some from this lifetime. InnerSpeak goes to the source of the blockage and clears it from the akashic records, backwards and forwards through time – once and for all!

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About the source of the problem brought forward through your higher self for your attention.

Tools to get rid of old patterns, physical pain, fears and other obstacles that are in your way of enjoying life to the full.

Easy and effective method that uses muscle-strength testing (Kinesiology). This helps you to communicate with your inner self. The answers you receive from your subconscious can be found in an elaborate manual that consists of 144 files.

Learn to listen to your inner voice.

Achieve your goals faster by getting rid of limiting obstacles.

Heighten your state of consciousness.

Heal your body, mind and spirit.

Heal your wounds (that may come from previous lifetimes) by carefully observing your behaviour and relationships.

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