What is Mindfulness Based Stress Therapy (MBSR)?

MBSR(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is a therapy for providing intense relaxation, relief from anxiety & stress, overthinking, negative thinking and insomnia instantaneously. It also helps in improving focus. It makes the mind positive in a way that you are able to handle yourself on a moment to moment basis, wherever you are. The true practicality of these sessions is seen when the clients feel empowered to apply it with themselves in daily lives.

It is completely research backed up with scientific methods that bring about a lasting change in the brain effortlessly.
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Mindfulness Based Stress Therapy (MBSR) 1:1 Sessions

Private MBSR sessions are completely customizable based on your unique needs and what you’d like to explore and discover in your own life.People who benefit most from private MBSR are ready (ready enough!) to make a significant personal commitment to their healing.

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