Salsa Therapy

“Salsa Therapy” is a journey of a fascinating dance therapy that helps us keep our mind, body and soul in harmony as dancing is one of the closest forms of art to nature. Not only is it extremely therapeutic, but it’s also an adrenal rush that totally elevates your spirits and energy like no other!


The upbeat nature helps cope with stress, anxiety, self-confidence and also serves as a perfect natural body workout. You dance without fear or judgment.

Why try salsa therapy?

Closest form of an art to the universe – Very therapeutic

Excellent form of a natural workout

Absolute stress buster

Confidence booster

Improves psychological well being

Enhances social skills

Outstanding method networking

Increases brain power – Cognitive function

Less expensive than therapy

Dancing is an attractive ingredient for both sexes

Removes fear

Holistic Belly Dance

Learning “oriental dance” is like living an experience through the deepest femininity.

But it is not only that. Is a journey to the past, when Mother Earth was worshiped, and to the history of an ancient heritage where different communities used to exchange their cultures, languages, spices, dances…

During the lesson the students will evoke this journey and will learn from the basics the technique and the story about each step. After becoming aware of it, there is the phase of creation and “letting it go”, where all the feelings will be expressed giving this dance the credit of being therapeutic for both body and soul….