What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is an experiential process that reaches into the underlying impulses that hold you back that may be inherited from your family. While we receive lots of good things from our families, we are also vulnerable to carrying burdens, emotions, beliefs and traumas that inhibit our potential to make the most of ourselves and our relationships.
The Family Constellation session allows you not only to see and feel the dynamic you are caught up in, but also find better solutions with the ability to free yourself in a way that no other process can.

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    Family constellation

    What happens in a family constellation session?

    For one-on-one sessions, we place footprints around you to create a constellation. Each pair of footprints represents either a family member, an emotion, or a difficult situation. All the footprints on the floor represent a visualization of your subconscious, and once they are in position, you can start thinking about how you connect to different parts of your story.

    It’s important to visualize because, as human beings, when we can see it, we can feel and understand better.

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    Yes, Family Constellations Session can be conducted online. The principles of representing family members and exploring dynamics remain consistent in virtual settings.

    Family Constellations can address a wide range of issues, including relationship challenges, unresolved conflicts, generational trauma, emotional struggles, and patterns of behavior that impact well-being.

    Yes, Family Constellation Therapy can address a wide range of issues, including trauma, relationship challenges, unresolved emotions, and even physical health concerns. It offers a holistic approach to understanding and healing these issues.

    The duration of a Family Constellations session in dubai can vary, but a typical session might last around 60-90 minutes. The Family Constellations facilitator will guide you through the process, allowing time for insights and resolutions to emerge

    To become a Family Constellations facilitator, you can enroll in our Family Constellation training in Dubai that provide in-depth knowledge of the methodology and techniques. These programs often include theoretical teachings and practical experience.

    For trusted Family Constellations practitioners in Dubai, Contact Hub of Consciousness.

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