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In the world of employee benefits, the term “wellness” has long been thought of as a synonym for “fitness.” Today that definition needs a makeover as mounting evidence points to the fact that physical health is important, but not the only factor that contributes to a happy, engaged workforce.
Our corporate wellness programs are broad, inclusive and holistic that focus on all aspects of well-being: physical, financial, social,mental, and emotional health

Why consider implementing workplace wellness programs?

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Companies with an effective wellness program realize an average reduction of 28% in sick days and 26% in health costs(ITA Group)

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70% of employees need their employer's help to make sure they are healthy and financially secure (EBRI)

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Over 50% of Millennials have seriously considered switching jobs due to workplace stress (Welltok)

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Delivering more personalized wellness programs would motivate over 80% of employees to participate more Welltok)

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70% of employees have increased their use of technology over the past couple of years to manage or support their health (Welltok)

What are the benefits of having healthy, happy employees?

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Our corporate wellness services

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Bespoke leadership programs

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Stand alone workshops & trainings

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Tailored offsites and retreats

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1:1 Coaching &

Corporate Wellness in Dubai
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Some of the areas include:

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