Shamanic Healing

Shamans have followed a spirit path for tens of thousands of years. The path of a shaman is a road less travelled. It leads us to our heart’s desire, to our soul’s quest for the truth; our own truth, based on our own experience, not on belief. We travel not alone, but guided by our spirit helpers: power animals, spirit teachers, ancestors, descendants, nature spirits. It is a path of the spirit, of the soul, a path of growth, of belonging, of peace, of love and compassion.

The shamanic healing training is crafted to to show you various shamanic ways to begin or to continue your own spirit’s path in a time-tested, safe and practical way. This is a path that draws you into a limitless tapestry of wonder, joy, laughter, love, power, and wisdom.

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Connect to a Power Animal and Spirit Teacher.

Engage and Honor Spiritual Relationships.

Travel to the world of spirit and meet helping compassionate spirits.

Experience The Shamanic Journey – a core practice common to all shamanic cultures.

Activate the energy of your Dreams to receive insight, guidance, and energy for your waking life.

Learn to follow your destiny (versus your fate)

Create personal Sacred Space in the spirit world

Build personal mana (spiritual power) and shine your inner light

Learn how to follow your intuition and divine answers to your questions

Relax your mind and engage the power, protection, and support of the invisible realms

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