Bach Flower Practitioner Training

In the 1920s and 30s a noted homeopath and bacteriologist called Dr Edward Bach discovered a complete range of 38 flower remedies. The remedies help us find the positive side of ourselves, breaking the barriers that stop us from growing and from living healthy lives. Whatever is in our way – fear, despondency, uncertainty – finds a way in the Bach Original Flower Remedies. Dr Bach believed that we are each responsible for our own health and happiness and wanted to teach others to help themselves.

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    Working as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

    When you have completed the assessments at the end of Level 3 you will be sent a Level 3 completion certificate and an application form to register with the Dr Edward Bach Foundation. 


    Registration gives you the right to use the letters BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner) after your name and use the Foundation’s logo on your stationery in connection with your work as a practitioner. As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, you will join a world-wide team committed to helping people help themselves using Dr Bach’s wonderful remedies.

    Training Levels

    Introduces students to each of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies and to the philosophy of self-help and simplicity that underpins the system. You will start to select Bach Flower remedies for yourself and see how they fit in with your daily life and learn basics such as how and when to take them. Level 1 is the essential foundation for a complete understanding of Dr Bach’s work. 

    Focuses on personal awareness and provides students with a chance to exchange experiences with each other. You will explore more deeply the way the Bach Flower remedies relate to your life goals and your basic personality and be guided through the subtle distinctions that can be made between closely related remedies. Level 2 is a remedy master-class and provides all the tools you need to gain a full understanding of the subject. 

    Gives students the skills needed to use the Bach Original Flower Remedies as part of a professional natural health practice. It helps you develop and enhance relevant listening and consultation skills and heighten your personal and professional awareness, all in the context of an advanced remedy workshop.

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