Why Akashic Records in Dubai is Your Key to Success and Spiritual Growth

Have you ever felt that whatever you do, you are not succeeding in your life? Like the whole world is conspiring against you and pulling you down.
Then Akashic Record might be the solution.
Let’s take a look into what the Akashic Record is all about.

Akashic Records

It is considered one of the most holistic methods of knowing what the past, present and future of ours is. It can be described as an encyclopaedia of all universal occurrences, ideas, sentiments, and intentions that have ever happened in the past, present, or will occur in the future relevant to all entities and life forms and not only to humans.

Why choose Hub Of Consciousness for your Akashic Records sessions?

Hub Of Consciousness, an oasis of peace in the centre of Dubai, reflects our belief that yin and yang combine to provide the ideal balance. Our space is not only thoughtfully designed, but each element—every nook, cranny, and artwork—tells a story all its own.

At Hub Of Consciousness, we help you assess your life with our Akashic Records in Dubai sessions.

We consider the Akashic Record as what it is truly meant to be – The Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance,”

The supercomputer system of the cosmos, or possibly what is now known as cloud computing, can be compared to the Akashic Record. The Akashic Record is meant to be a single, central repository for all the data about every individual, animal, bird, and other type of life that has ever been on Earth. These recordings contain all of our words, behaviours, feelings, and intentions.

They have a profound influence on our everyday lives, relationships, emotions, belief systems, and the conceivable worlds we imagine for ourselves.

Details of an Akashic Record session

As we have gained an insight into what the Akashic Record is all about, now it’s time to understand what are the benefits of an Akashic Record session and what you can expect during the session.

Let us delve into the benefits of an Akashic Record session.

Private Sessions to access the Akashic Records can yield many advantages.

Some of the benefits:

  • Transparency and Wisdom
  • Emotional Healing
  • Life Purpose
  • Guidance and Direction
  • Spiritual Growth

What to Expect During an Akashic Records Session

In an Akashic Records session, you will go through a very healing and enlightening process:

  • Setting Clear Intentions
  • Guided Access
  • Acquire Insights

We also conduct various group and individual sessions including Reiki Training in Dubai. Some of our services include

  • Theta
  • USUI Reiki
  • Family Constellation Training
  • Shamanic
  • Metaphysics Of Crystal Healing
  • Access Bars
  • Bach Flower Practitioner Training
  • Tarot Cards Reading Training
  • Akashic Records Training
  • PSYCH K Workshop
  • Access Bars Training

For phone inquiries, please call +971 50 229 5526. You can also send an email to info@hubofconsciousness.com.

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