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Hub Of Consciousness is a shining example of transformative healing in the dynamic field of holistic well-being. Discover Deepa and Era Arora, the designers of this sanctuary, whose in-depth explorations of consciousness, self-awareness, and inner development have propelled the development of Hub Of Consciousness.

Twenty years of experience on the path of consciousness has made Deepa Arora one of only 30 qualified PSYCH-K® Instructors across the world. She is the trailblazer of this potent method, which transforms subconscious beliefs throughout the Middle East and the Subcontinent. Her love is evident in Hub Of Consciousness, where she fosters a journey of unity, increased self-awareness, and inner transformation.

Era Arora realised her passion in launching Hub Of Consciousness after ten years of experience in the global business arena. Her awakening experience solidified into a commitment to restore the planet to its boundless potential and promote happier, more mindful lives. Era is dispelling myths about mental and emotional wellness thanks to her knowledge of crystal healing & shamanic healing.

Take in the energy that is pushing the Hub Of Consciousness forward. Deepa and Era Arora have a strong commitment to fostering both individual and group growth. Their core values are prioritising mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and empowering genuine self-discovery.

Corporate Wellness Redefined

Examine the observable advantages of putting business wellness initiatives into action. These programmes improve employee engagement and well-being, with an average savings of 26% on health costs and 28% in sick days.

Learn how personalised wellness efforts may change lives.

Our corporate wellness programmes at Hub Of Consciousness take a holistic approach, going beyond traditional ideas of wellbeing.

At Hub Of Consciousness, we provide the finest Corporate Wellness in Dubai.

We address all aspects of well-being—financial, social, mental, emotional, and physical—and promote a work environment that values health.

Our offerings transcend the norm by fusing spiritual practices with contemporary sciences. We offer a platform for genuine, long-lasting change in people’s daily lives, from fostering meaningful connections to drawing abundance.

Unveiling Hypnotherapy

Examine the efficacy of hypnotherapy, which can induce a theta brainwave state that is rarely possible for adults. This special condition makes it possible to rewrite the mental scripts by inserting new ideas, behaviours, and beliefs into the subconscious.

Hypnosis is a psychotherapy technique that opens subconscious memories and is not a theatrical performance. This method, which heals emotional traumas, reaches a higher level of mindfulness through deep focus and relaxation.

Your Path to Transformation

Provide common questions and answers to help demystify hypnotherapy. Recognise its therapeutic qualities, advantages, and efficacy in treating particular problems like anxiety or weight reduction. Dispel the myths around stage hypnosis and therapeutic hypnotherapy.

That is what we at Hub Of Consciousness offer you. The best Hypnotherapy in Dubai.

See the testimonies of people who have experienced hypnotherapy sessions and saw life-changing changes. Hypnotherapy induces profound relaxation, which improves health and pleasure in a variety of contexts, from treating mental diseases to breaking unhealthy habits.

Connect with Hub Of Consciousness

Ready to begin your holistic journey?

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Hub Of Consciousness – Your path to balanced, joyful, and conscious living starts here.

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