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Outdoor Full Moon Cacao & Sound Elixir at JVT Gardens with Naresh & Dharana

November 6, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Sound Bath Healing stimulates Alpha Waves in our brain which recalibrate our cells and allow us to shift into a deep state of relaxation, coherence, and harmony. It tunes you to the rhythm and vibration of your heart energy center. Sound Baths operate on a mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimension, allowing us to purify any dissonant energies and center deeply into ourselves.
Cacao ceremonies are an ancient, heart-opening ritual that support the body in healing and connecting with the joy and magic of Cacao. To honor this sacred plant, we will hold a Circle of intention setting and blessings. Together we will enjoy the physical, energetic, and emotional benefits of this Divine food & medicine.
Things you’ll experience during the Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath Healing Circle:
– A heart opening
– Deep relaxation
– Feelings of joy & upliftment
– Connection to your inner voice
– An emotional release
– A sense of peace and well-being
– A heightening of your senses
– Gentle visions and guidance
– Clarity and stillness
What will happen during the ceremony?
We will begin by silently setting our intentions for the ceremony – being clear about your intention will help cacao to work her magic with you. We will mindfully drink the Cacao experiencing it’s warmth and presence in the body. After the Cacao activation, we’ll start a gentle breathing exercises to ignite the cells in the body. You will then lie down to be bathed in relaxing, therapeutic vibrations from the sounds as these medicines do their healing work. There is nothing for you to do as you take an inner voyage with the plant and sounds as your guides.
We’ll enjoy some time to share and write down any insights or wisdom that you’ve gained, whilst basking in the cacao glow 


November 6, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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