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Immensive Art & Meditation With Shubnam

June 23, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Learn to know your creative self while experiencing the deep relaxed states from within during the Mindful Movement Meditation. Rejuvenate yourself by instilling this inner material through creative process of drawing &/or painting.

Art has always been a powerful tool for self-discovery and regenerating our old self.

This session will help participants in;

  • Enhancing deep focus & creativity
  • Confidence building
  • Rejuvenate & Relax into the process

Topics covered:

  • Importance of Meditation & breathing
  • Reconnecting with own bodies in movement and releasing the stored stress 
  • Getting in touch with inner self, emotions & feelings etc.
  • Incorporating self-awareness & focus into the creative process; drawing and/ or painting

You will be able to harness the simplicity of body movement with ease and incorporate it with your creative self. In the process you will release the stress that is stored & buildup in your body and relax. This artistic session with help you tap into your inner-self on a deeper level while connecting to the external world by the movement and the creative process of drawing &/or painting. The final expressive drawing/ painting can be used as a reference for your own future artistic, wellness practice to have a successful creative inner journey!


Profile – Shabnam Habib

Shabnam is a multidisciplinary professional artist & a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy- HiCAT Practitioner (MbeHICATprac.) from Mind Body Education Australia, creating her own unique signature in her art & wellness work.

She is a member of IMTTA, The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association, internationally accredited with the IICT.

She delivers group and one on one wellness workshops to all those who want to heal and move forward in their life with confidence. Having worked within corporate sector for more than a decade, she realized there is more to life that needs to be prioritized. That was a pivotal moment in her life that has moved her towards her passion of creating art & the sense of overall wellness. This deeper need of change has brought her to the Holistic Integrated Wellness practices such movement, meditation, counseling & art as therapy for herself and for the people around her. 


Devising her own techniques using various Creative Arts modalities, she offers sessions on various forms of movement such as ‘Movement Meditation & Creativity’ and the ‘Elemental Movement Meditation’, etc. She also enjoys taking the client on a more traditional Meditation practice along with her most popular ‘Intuitive Painting & Drawing’ sessions using various therapeutic practices. As a result of which, the clients reach their inner intuitive space to get the answers from within while bringing out their creative flair externally.


To experience this state of being, her sessions are open for all. 


As a speaker, she takes on a Holistic Integrated approach towards life and talks on topics such as women in arts, healing through intuitive arts, meditation, and importance of the Creative Arts modalities and how these shape our life at any given time. 


She has been involved in self-healing through Neurographic, Movement & Intuitive Arts. Her art stirs the imagination in the viewer and offers a source of connection, comfort and healing.

She believes in guiding & empowering her clients through each interactive session so that they decide to tap into their own intuition & lead on their own healing, wellness & creative journey through the modalities she offers.


June 23, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:45 pm
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